Hawaii Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree Photography: Fine Art Photography Prints For Sale

Mother nature has completely outdone herself when creating the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree. The rainbow eucalyptus tree is native to the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea, but it has somehow made its home around the Hawaiian Islands. The tree has an orange-tinted bark that sheds in strips and reveals streaks of pale green, red, orange, grey, and purplish brown. I have seen trees with an army camouflage look. I have also seen trees with vibrant waxy colors that look like an artist painted them. No tree is alike, and I love getting creative when photographing them to create different art pieces. Here are a few of my favorite rainbow eucalyptus tree photos that I have photographed.

I have seen Rainbow Eucalyptus trees on Oahu, Road To Hana on Maui, and on The Big Island. The Rainbow Eucalyptus tree was first planted in Hawaiʻi 1929 at Oʻahu’s Wahiawa Botanical Gardens as part of Hawaiʻi’s reforestation efforts. The Big Island has giant groves of eucalyptus trees planted for wood-burning fuel. For people looking to see Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees on the Big Island, I recommend visiting Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary. They have some nice trees, and the Sanctuary is worth seeing.

Colorful Giants

As I stand amongst these colorful giants, the sun plays peekabo as the wind blows through the canopy of the trees. The maroon bark of the rainbow eucalyptus tre

As I stand amongst these colorful giants, the sun plays peekabo as the wind blows through the canopy of the trees. The fallen maroon bark of the rainbow eucalyptus tree covers the floor around the trees. Nature has outdone itself once again. This photo was taken on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I captured the sun rising behind a brilliant-looking Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree in this photo. A pile of purple-colored fallen bark was piled on the floor below. The sun peeked through the branches of the trees behind it, creating a nice Sunstar.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Abstract 1

Rainbow Eucalyptus Abstract 1

This image is part of my abstract series of rainbow eucalyptus trees. As these incredible trees grow and the old bark peels away they continuously reveal new art pieces. To create each image I had to meticulously observe each tree until I found a pattern I felt was worthy of photographing. This would include many trips back to revisit the trees as they changed throughout the year. When you visit Hawaii you might get lucky enough to see one of these amazing rainbow eucalyptus trees.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Glow

Rainbow Eucalyptus Glow

This particular tree looked like it came out of a box of crayons. The sunlight was lighting it up, and the colors of the tree looked as if they were glowing. This tree was one of the most unique and vibrant ones I had ever seen.

If you would like to see more of my Rainbow Eucalyptus tress photos, please visit my gallery here. All images are available for sale as fine art prints.