About Wade Morales

Wade Morales is a Landscape photographer located in Hilo, Hawaii. He has lived on the Big Island of Hawaii since 2011. During that time, Wade focused on shooting the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and creating large-format prints for people's homes and businesses. You can visit his online galleries to view his dramatic Hawaii landscape and nature photography, all available in Hawaii Fine Art prints.

Wade moved to the Big Island from Southern California because he had visited his Uncle there years prior and fell in love with its culture and diversity. Once he moved to Hawaii, his photographic journey began. At first, Wade only had a small action camera and a point-and-shoot camera. His photography journey was mainly just for fun and to document the places he visited around Hawaii. His father later gifted him a Canon DSLR camera, further influencing his passion for photography. Wade started gaining more knowledge about using the camera and creating art with the camera through composition and light. He began learning more about his new home in Hawaii. Everything was fresh, and he wanted to capture a photo of everything he saw, which led to him wanting to explore and learn more about the Islands.

Throughout the years, photographing Hawaii became his primary focus in his free time. He rarely leaves the house without his camera and is constantly looking for new photo opportunities to capture. When he's not out shooting, he's at home studying photography and searching maps of the Big Island for new places to photograph.

After years of shooting and sharing his photography online, Wade began creating Fine Art prints. He invested in a professional photo printer and dedicated much of his time to learning how to transfer his digital images to paper. It wasn't until he started printing his photos that he realized his photography journey had been incomplete until then. These beautiful images of Hawaii were being shared online, but they only lived in a digital world. Wade realized that people could only enjoy his pictures for a short time while viewing them online. In contrast, people could now enjoy his printed photos on their walls for a lifetime. From then on, he began printing his photography as the final step in completing his image. Even if it was a small print, it became necessary to complete his work. He began exploring different print mediums and working with some of the best professional printmakers, allowing him to create much bigger photos with even higher-quality materials. This allowed him to share his photographic journeys from Hawaii with people worldwide.

Today, Wade continues to fulfill his passion for Hawaii photography while living on the Big Island of Hawaii. While Wade has learned much about Hawaii while residing on the Big Island, he still believes he has much more to learn, experience, and share.